Here you will find the answers to some of the typical questions regarding the operation of a biomass plant. If you do not find the answer you need, you are always welcome to contact us.

Black smoke is coming out of the chimney?

  • Due to an inefficient combustion.
  • Oxygen percentage may be too low. This is indicated on the control panel and should be between 8-9%.
  • There may be too much fuel in the boiler. Check observation glass and/or open the cleaning hatch.

No fuel is being fed into the boiler?

  • Oxygen percentage may be too high. This is indicated on the control panel and should be between 8-9%.

Straw boiler:

  • Stop plant, check for twine around shafts and/or bearings on shredder drums.
  • Check that the ampere level on shredder control panel is not too low.

Smoke in the boiler room?

  • Check for negative pressure in the combustion chamber. Check the small metal pipe and hoses (to the negative pressure gauge), placed at the front of the boiler where the fuel is inserted, for blockages. Clean with a cotton bud or similar if necessary.
  • Also check the rubber flaps on the cell sluice. Stop the plant and check if the rubber flaps are worn and need to be replaced.
  • Damper motor on the boiler flue must be fully open when starting the boiler. Check if it is open on the setting indicator.

The fire is burning backwards in the stoker auger?

  • Can be due to negative pressure in combustion chamber (see FAQ "Smoke in the boiler room?")

Air is leaking from pressure valves?

  • Check if the valve membranes are worn or damaged.

Compressor is running constantly?

  • Check membranes around pressure valves for leaks.

The oxygen percentage is difficult to control?

  • Oxygen gauge should show 20.9% (atmospheric air) when plant is inactive. If it shows between 0% and 20.9% when inactive, the probe may be covered in soot. Remove and clean the probe.

Boiler cannot be restarted after being shut down?

  • Check sprinkler system for water and pressure. Fill sprinkler tank with water.
  • Reset/restart Danfoss Pressostat RT110.

The ash auger is stuck?

  • Likely due to foreign objects in the ash such as stones. Stop the plant. Use automatic reverse function on ash worm drive if fitted. If not, contact an electrician to reverse the drive by reversing the current.

Not enough wire clamps on the panel?

  • Panel has double clamps. Check at the back for a second row of clamps.

The shredder is using more electricity than normal?

  • Change or sharpen the shredder blades if necessary.
  • Stop plant, check for twine around shafts and/or bearings on shredder drums.

Didn't find the answer to your question?

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