We work closely and focused on every project to ensure the best solution in accordance with the customer’s needs, demands and options. Close dialogue and mutual feedback are important elements, when we advise you on the optimal choice of biomass plant.


Professional consultancy

We offer professional consulting from our skilled employees to assist you in choosing the optimal biomass plant.


Your partner from start to finish

We consult you regarding the complete solution, dimensions and installation - as well as the subsequent environment tests.


Calculating your savings

We can calculate your savings by choosing a Linka plant to replace your current.

Due to our vast experience we possess the know-how needed

Experience and know-how are important prerequisites when you are investing in a new biomass plant. Our consultancy regarding fuel type, boiler size and plant performance ensures that you get the optimal solution for your needs. We also help you decide whether the boiler is fed via sluices or blowers, as well as sizes on fuel tanks, silo and storage.

We make the unmanageable manageable

A biomass plant consists of many components and it can be difficult to manage all. Therefore our team advice you on dimensions of each component, e.g. filters, flue pipes, pumps and economizer.

We also offer consultancy after commisioning

After the plant is operational we also consult you on performance optimization, making sure you get the optimal use of the biofuel. We are ready to assist you in completing environmental tests as well. We are always updated on the newest procedures in emissions and other environmental regulations. Hereby your plant always meets the legal standards.


Want to know more about your opportunities?

Our highly qualified team is ready to consult and advice you about the best energy solution based on your specific needs.

Claus Mikael Larsen