At Linka, we specialise in developing biomass systems that are safe to operate and environmentally friendly, ideal for contexts ranging from residential properties and heating plants to agriculture and industry. We offer a broad assortment of systems in different types and sizes, designed for use with different fuels.

Our skilled and experience employees offer a wide array of services, all with the goal of providing you an optimal energy solution based on your desires and needs. We will gladly assist you with all kinds of consulting, project development, installation, and service.


Our consulting is based on know-how and many years of experience, which have made us a leading specialist in the development, design, and delivery of fully automated, high-quality solutions worldwide. We thoroughly analyse each project in order to create the best solution, taking into account the customer's needs, requirements, and capabilities. We can also calculate the savings that you would achieve by replacing your existing system with a biomass system from Linka, offering you or your business operational benefits and improved overall finances. Close dialogue, feedback, and exchanging ideas are important for us in advising you on choosing the optimal biomass system.

Project development

With Linka, you gain an innovative partner that can develop and customise biomass systems to meet your requirements specifications. When it's time to make your project a reality, you'll be assigned one of our engaging project managers, who will serve as your contact throughout the process. Our sophisticated software allows us to visualise your future system before construction. This way, we can assemble and customise the system and its components based on your needs. Additionally, all of our core components are made in Denmark, and our patented combustion technology ensures high efficiency while optimising operating expenses.


Linka is a flexible business that stays in close contact with its customers. We believe in good service — including after your project is complete. Our support department guarantees quick, competent service. We also have a large warehouse of spare parts, enabling us to send critical components to you with fast shipping. All of our systems are fully documented, so we can quickly and easily identify any component in a system. Regular maintenance and support agreements enable us to extend the lifetime of our systems. We're ready to offer you support around the clock. Our technical department can often troubleshoot issues and offer advice over the phone or by email; if not, one of our skilled technicians will pay you a visit. We take pride in ensuring that your systems run optimally.