The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency

Green, reliable heat for Norwegian military bases

Over the past few years, Linka has delivered five biomass plants for the Norwegian Defence. Since 2015 Camp Skjold has used heating from biomass, while the latest plant in Bardufoss has been operating since March 2017.

The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency (NDEA) is tasked with maintaining and renewing properties for the Norwegian Defence.

A Linka wood chips plant was installed on two of their bases, Bardufoss and Skjold, located in the northern part of Norway, south of Tromsö.

The plant in Bardufoss is the fifth and largest plant Linka has delivered to NDEA so far. This makes us the supplier of all biomass plants to the northern military bases.

Camp Bardufoss

The large 4,300 kW hot water boiler will ensure heating for the Norwegian base, which uses around 15 GWh every year. The boiler is designed for burning wood chips with up to 40 % water. A lot of water evaporates during combustion and tiles are therefore added in the boiler. In addition, a 12,000 kW oil backup and an emergency power generator are also installed.

A wood chips storage with a scraper unit is built next to the boiler room. The automatic feeding system ensures a constant, stabile fuel feed. 18 scrapers move the wood chips to a sunken auger from which the fuel is transported to the boiler for combustion. The camp expects to use around 21.860 mof wood chips every year.

The automatic ash extraction system transports ash from the boiler to an external 20 m3 ash container, placed outside the building.

The wood chips plant is responsible for heating several barracks along with administration and office buildings. They are all dependent on the heat due to the cold northern weather, where temperatures can drop below -40°C.

Camp Skjold

The base is located not far from Bardufoss, and is home to the Norwegian engineering battalion. The base consists of six barracks, several gyms, an administration building and a number of additional buildings.

NDEA had a 3,000 kW hot water plant from Linka installed in early 2015. The plant also consists of a wood chips storage with a scraper unit and 18 scrapers. These move the chips to a sunken auger, from where the wood chips are transported to the boiler.

In addition, a 5,500 kW oil boiler is installed as backup, in case of failure on the main boiler.


Customer: The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency
Location: Bardufoss, Norway
Fuel type: Wood chips
Plant size: 4,300 & 3,000 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Year: 2017 + 2015
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