The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency

Mobile plant warms the Norwegian soldiers

During 2013 Linka delivered three mobile plants, for the Norwegian Defence, which are installed on three of their bases in the northern part of Norway.

Linka was tasked with delivering three mobile plants for the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency (NDEA), who is responsible for maintaining and renewing properties for the Norwegian Defence.

The plants were installed at three different bases in the northern part of Norway in areas with low access. Mobile plants are ideal for these areas, as they are built in containers which are delivered and installed by crane on a prepared concrete foundation.

Camp Höybuktmoen

The mobile plant from Linka ensures heating for the base, which is located in the northern part of Norway bordering Russia. The base is home to the border defence who are tasked with surveilling the Norwegian-Russian border.

A 3,000 kW biomass boiler is the primary source of heating, with a 4,500 kW oil boiler as back up. Both are placed in the first of two containers. The wood chips storage is placed in the other container. A scraper unit with six scrapers is installed and from here the wood chips are transported to the boiler container. The fuel container is built sunken which enables fast and easy refilling of wood chips.

Camps Bodin & Trondenes

The complete, turn-key heating plants in camp Bodin and camp Trondenes both consist of two containers.

The boiler system, with a 2,500 kW hot water boiler and an oil backup, is placed in one of the containers. The boiler is designed for wood chips which is a cheap form of biofuel in Norway.

The fuel container consists of a scraper unit, which moves the wood chips from the storage to the augers that transports the wood chips to the boiler. The fuel containers are built sunken, as the one in Höybuktmoen.


Customer: The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency
Location: Norway
Fuel type: Wood chips
Plant size: 3,000 & 2,500 kW
Plant type: Mobile plant
Year: 2013
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