Lahaugmoen Business park

Mobile heating for Norwegian industrial park

In April 2017 Linka commissioned a large mobile heating plant in a newly developed industrial area in Norway. Companies and residents in the area are now secured CO2 neutral heating.

Lahaugmoen is a Norwegian industrial and residential area outside Oslo. The area is a former military camp but has now been developed into a business park with around 43,000 m2 industry and 500 commuter housings. The area is expected to double in size within the coming years.

Along with our Norwegian partner, Bioenergy, Linka has built the entire mobile plant. Bioenergy now owns and operates the plant.

The plant container, including boilers, plumming and electrical installations, was built at Linka’s production facilities in Denmark before being shipped to Lahaugmoen to be commissioned. This way, the plant is operational quickly after arriving at the construction site.

The plant

The mobile plant consists of a 4,000 kW Linka H boiler designed for wood chips. In addition a 6,000 kW backup oil boiler was also installed, in case of service on the primary boiler.

Since the plant will be burning wood chips with up to 40 % water, a lot of water evaporates during combustion. Therefore tiles are added in the boiler.

A sunken wood chips pit is built next to the plant container. A hydraulic roof is added onto the pit, enabling an easy and quick refill. A scraper unit with eight scrapers move the wood chips to a sunken auger, from where the fuel is transported to the boiler by augers.

After combustion the ash is automatically transported from the boiler to a 20 m3 ash container placed outside the plant container.

The plant is also installed with a PLC control system, which sends out warnings in case of operational changes.


Customer: Lahaugmoen Business Park
Location: Skjetten, Norway
Fuel type: Wood chips
Plant size: 4,000 kW
Plant type: Mobile plant
Year: 2017
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