Hornsyld Kobmandsgaard

New biomass plant ensures maximum utilisation of resources

During the summer of 2017 Linka delivered a new biomass plant for Hornsyld Kobmandsgaard, which will sup­ply the company’s locations in Hornsyld.

Hornsyld Kobmandsgaard is a large dealer of fod­der for agriculture and a ma­nufacturer of soy protein. In addition they run two lumberyards and a number of gas stations.

Until recently the company used a 400 kW Linka boiler as their heating source. However, with the investment in the protein factory, TripleA, a larger boiler was necessary.

The new boiler is mounted in the existing boiler room, and the plant was therefore designed for this particular building.

The heat is primarily used as process heating for TripleA and for preheating water for a steam boiler in the fodder production.

Hornsyld is utilising all the resources by using waste from grain as fuel for the boiler, instead of disposing of it. In addition, the waste is a CO2 neutral and environmentally friendly fuel source.

The plant

The plant consists of a 2,000 kW Linka H boiler, designed for burning waste from grain. Along with the boiler, Linka also installed a multicyclone, bag filter and a 20 meter chimney. The boiler is connected to an existing walking floor system, which transports the fuel to the boiler.

The new boiler is far more efficient than the old that Linka installed back in 2002. When initiating the process at TripleA, it can provide hot water much faster, compared to the old wood pellet boiler that previously supplied TripleA.

Development of clinker was an issue on the old boiler, which required up to one hour of extra maintenance every day, along with adding chalk. Linka's world patented technology has remedied this issue on new boilers, and it is no longer necessary to ad chalk. The development of clinker is now very limited.

A PLC control system with touch display is installed on the boiler system. This can be accessed through the internet, enabling Linka to provide remote support and troubleshooting. An automatic ash system transports the ash from the boiler to a 20 m3 ash container, by augers.

In addition to the biomass plant, a complete oil backup is installed inside a container and placed next to the boiler room. This way the factories are always ensured heating, also during service.


Customer: Hornsyld Kobmandsgaard
Location: Hornsyld, Denmark
Fuel type: Waste from grain
Plant size: 2,000 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Year: 2017
Want to know more about this project?

The boiler can burn 14 tons of waste from grain every day,

equivalent to 5,000 litres of oil.


"The project went very well and Linka’s employees are pleasant and skilled, and highly accessible throughout the process."

Lars Christensen, COO
Hornsyld Kobmandsgaard