Sustainable heating of chicken barns with your own straw as fuel

800,000 broilers are produced at Givlinggaard in eastern Jutland annually. The purpose of investing in a new straw plant from Linka Energy is to heat four barns and the farmhouse with stable and eco-friendly energy. The barn starts at a temperature of 35 degrees that is lowered to 20 degrees during the 35 days that the chickens are in there.

Previously, Givlinggaard used wood pellets and oil to heat the barns. By investing in a Linka plant, they now have a greener profile and, at the same time, have secured a financial saving, as the straw from their own fields is significantly cheaper than both wood pellets and oil.

Another advantage of using your own straw is that you help to ensure good quality. The better the quality, the fewer waste substances and so there is a longer interval between having to clean the plant.

The plant

The biomass plant has been designed and customised to a new machine house built in connection with the investment. The plant has a straw shredder with shredder drums that pull the straw in an upward direction, which means that stones and other foreign objects are returned from the shredder drums. The straw shredder is controlled according to the boiler’s heat consumption.

The ash is led via a push system to an ash chute, after which the ash is transported to an ash container outside the building. Subsequently, the ash is used as nourishment on the cereal fields from which the straw comes.


Costumer: Givlinggaard
Location: Uldum, Denmark
Fuel: Straw
Plant size: 600 kW
Year: 2020

Flow temperature (max)


A flow temperature of 110°C ensures that the heat can be quickly distributed around the barns.


“The solution was chosen based on colleagues’ experience.”

Martin Jakobsen, Owner