Fugleaasen Business park

Mobile plant provides CO2 neutral heating

In 2012 Linka Energy installed a mobile plant for Fugleaasen Business Park, which supplies the large area with CO2 neutral heating.

Fugleaasen is a large industrial business park located south of Oslo. The area consists of a transportation- and logistics centre, as well as several industrial companies.

Around 75,500 m2 is already in use, and the area is expected to grow to consist of up to 200,000 m2 business development.

The plant container is built at Linka’s facilities in Denmark before being shipped to Fugleaasen for commissioning. This ensures that the plant is operational soon after arrival to the construction site.

A mobile solution offers high flexibility as the plant can be moved our expanded if necessary.

In 2018 the heating plant is expanded with additionally 1,500 kW by installing a used container solution from Lahaugmoen Business Park. The two containers combined will accommodate the areas heating demand of 8 GWh per year.

The plant

The mobile plant consists of a 2,000 kW Linka H boiler, designed for firing with wood pellets. A moveable step grate is installed inside the boiler, which helps prevent formation of clinker.

Outside the container a 90 m3 fiberglass silo is installed. The pellets are transported from the silo to the boiler by auger.

An automatic ash removal system transports the ash from the boiler to a 3 m3 ash container placed outside the plant container.

In addition to the biomass boiler a 2,000 kW oil boiler is installed as a backup, which can be used during service or in case of failure.


Customer: Fugleaasen Business Park
Location: Langhus, Norway
Fuel type: Wood pellets
Plant size: 2,000 kW
Plant type: Mobile plant
Year: 2012
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