Vennerslund Estate

New Linka plant reduces the use of straw

In 2014 Linka installed a biomass plant at Vennerslund Estate. Since then it has reduced the estate's use of straw by 1/3, while their heat consumption has increased by around 33 %.

Vennerslund is located on Falster, a large island in Eastern Denmark. The estate mainly focuses on agriculture and hunting, as well as property rental.

Before installation of the new plant Vennerslund used a 2 MW boiler that required manual firing, where the straw bale is placed directly in the combustion chamber.

The heat is primarily used for heating the estate itself and surrounding buildings. The estate has a need for around 4 MWh every year. Since the new boiler is far more efficient, Vennerslund only needed an 800 kW boiler, despite of their increased heating consumption.

Linka was chosen as supplier of the new boiler based on recommendations from colleagues in the area. Linka facilitated their application for subsidies which covered some of the expenses for the new plant. Operation staff on the estate has been instructed in how they can service their plant regularly and hereby optimise efficiencies.

The plant

An 800 kW straw plant from Linka has supplied Vennerslund with environmentally friendly heat, since 2014. In addition a straw shredder with a 30 meter conveyor, that can hold around 15 bales, was installed.

When operating to the maximum the estate uses two straw bales daily, which means that the conveyor only needs to be filled once a week. Therefore the manual operational need is limited.

The PLC control system further ensures a minimum maintenance need by monitoring the plant’s efficiency and sending out alarms when needed.

Ash from the boiler is automatically transported to the external ash container which is placed outside the boiler room.

Linka was also tasked with dimensioning and installing heating pipes from the boiler room to the estate’s different buildings.


Customer: Vennerslund Estate
Location: Norre Alslev, Denmark
Fuel type: Straw
Plant size: 800 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Year: 2014

Reduction in straw

33 %

Vennerslund has reduced their consumption of straw by 1/3, since installation of a Linka boiler.