Spannarps Manor

Combined straw and wood chips plant provides green heating

The Swedish manor Spannarps Säteri uses the heat from their Linka plant to heat up the poultry shed, in addition to the main building and its properties.

Spannarps Säteri is a Swedish manor located in the southern part of Sweden, north of Helsingborg. The manor mainly focuses on broiler production as well as agriculture and forestry.

The plant at Spannarps is a used and renovated plant, where the boiler, shredder and conveyor were previously used. Linka installed a new step grate inside the boiler, a new wood chips combustion system along with a new control system for combined combustion.

The possibility to renovate and reinstall a used boiler emphasizes the longevity of Linka’s plants.

By combining straw and wood chips it ensures a high flexibility and security of supply, compared to only using one type of fuel.

In addition, Linka has also planned and installed piping for all properties on the estate, and for the installation of underfloor heating in the shed.

The plant

The hot water plant consists of a 1,000 kW biomass boiler with a step grate and build-in control system with an SMS alarm option.

When using straw as fuel the shredder with a 50 meter conveyor is used. The straw is transported from here to the boiler through a closed pipe system. Three scrapers are installed in a 35 m3 scraper system. These scrapers move the wood chips forward into a sunken auger, from where the fuel is transported into the boiler via augers.

Finally an oil boiler is installed as backup, and can be used in case of failure on the biomass boiler.


Customer: Spannarps Manor
Location: Ängellholm, Sweden
Fuel type: Straw and wood chips
Plant size: 1,000 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Year: 2012
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