Slättäng Estate

CO2-neutral heat from both straw and wood chips

Linka installed a combined wood chips and straw plant for Swedish Slättäng Estate, which supplies the estate’s buildings with heat from renewable energy. The plant replaces around 150 m3 of oil every year, with sustainable energy from their own production.

Slättäng Estate is located in the southern part of Sweden, north of Malmö. The estate consists of 800 ha and primarily focuses on agriculture, energy production and property rental.

The plant was installed as a replacement for their existing straw plant, which was destroyed during a fire.

The plant for Slättäng is a combined straw and wood chips plant, where the boiler is fed from either a straw shredder or a scraper unit with wood chips. This way the estate is ensured a high security of supply as well as the possibility to change primary fuel depending on costs and need.

In addition to plant installation Linka was also tasked with planning and installing heating pipes for all buildings on the estate.

The plant

In the summer of 2015 Linka delivered a 950 kW hot water plant which supplies 4,000 m2 of buildings and offices with heat, and is additionally used for drying grain.

The mounted shot blasters inject air through the boiler’s flue pipes to keep them clean. Therefore the pipes only need manual cleaning 1-2 times every year.

A TWIN shredder with a 21 meter conveyor is part of the plant. The shredded straw is transported in a closed pipe system from the shredder to the cell sluice. The stoker auger transports the straw from here to the boiler’s step grate.

The plan also consists of a scraper unit with seven horizontal scrapers that moves the wood chips to a sunken auger. From here the wood chips are transported to the boiler by augers.

A 3 m3 ash container is placed outside the building to which the ash is transported. The installed PLC control system ensures a constant monitoring of the plant’s efficiency.


Customer: Slättäng Estate
Location: Eslöv, Sweden
Fuel type: Straw and wood chips
Plant size: 950 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Year: 2015
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