Orupgaard Estate

Reliable straw plant – always access to heat

In the autumn of 2016 Linka delivered a biomass plant for Orupgaard Gods on Falster. The straw plant installed with a buffertank ensures a constant access to CO2 neutral heat.

The estate, which is located on the central part of Falster, has several areas of work, such as agriculture, forestry and pest control. 1,200 ha land and a number of properties used for rental is all part of the large Danish estate.

Orupgaard primarily uses the plant for heating up their poultry buildings, as well as the estate itself and several rental properties. In addition the heat is also used for drying grain.

The plant

The straw system consists of an 800 kW Linka H boiler and Linka’s wellknown straw shredder with a 21 meter conveyor. A straw auger is used for transporting the straw to the boiler, which means that the plant can handle varying qualities of straw.

A moveable step grate is installed in the front of the boiler, where heated air is added based on Linka’s world patented combustion technology, ensuring a total burnout of the straw.

The implemented PLC control system ensures that the plant is always operating optimally, and the control system will send out an alarm in case of disruptions.

Due to the automated ash extraction, the ash is transported from the boiler to a 2.5 m3 ash container placed outside the building.

In addition a buffer tank is installed which enables a constant access to hot water.


Customer: Orupgaard Estate
Location: Nykobing Falster, Denmark
Fuel type: Straw
Plant size: 800 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Year: 2016

"We chose the Linka system because we saw how incredibly streamlined it was. It increased efficiency enormously compared the system we used to have. And we were even more convinced when Linka sent out some really, really talented people to install the system. The service and follow-up we’ve had from Linka has been amazing."

Thomas Højgaard, Owner
Orupgaard Estate