Manor Farm

Straw plant makes farm self-sufficient

Since Manco Energy installed a Linka straw plant at Manor Farm, the CO2 neutral heating has reduced their carbon footprint. In the future the plant will supply a new development with heating.

Manor Farm is a large agricultural farm in Cambridge, North of London. For more than 40 years they have grown mixed crops, and today the farm consists of around 1200 ha land.

In addition to agriculture the farm also runs a wedding venue along with a number of accommodation houses.

Since the installation of their new plant, Manor Farm has been 100 % self-sufficient in heating and they have reduced their emission of CO2. The straw is produced on the farm’s own land and the ash from the plant is spread back onto the fields.

In the future the heat will be used for heating up six houses, a wedding venue, offices, accommodations and the farm house. In addition some of the heat will be used for drying grain. At the moment it is used for their workshops.

The plant

Manco commissioned the plant in December 2016. It consists of a 995 kW Linka H boiler, designed for burning straw. A moveable step grate is mounted inside the boiler, and along with Linka’s world patented combustion technology it ensures a complete burnout of the straw.

The straw is transported from a Linka shredder, with an 18 meter conveyor, to the boiler through a straw auger. The ash is later automatically transported from the boiler to a 5 m2 ash container.

A PLC control system monitors the highly automated plant, and sends out alarms in case of failure. Through an internet connection Linka can access the control system, which enables remote support.


Customer: Manor Farm
Location: Cambridge, England
Fuel type: Straw
Plant size: 995 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Year: 2016
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