Kelloe Mains Farm

Easy swith from straw to wood chips – with the push of a button

Kelloe Mains Farm is one of the first to use Linka’s new straw system. In the autumn of 2016 our British partner, Manco Energy, installed the new system, which will ensure an easy switch in biofuel.

As a mixed farm, with both arable crops and cattle, Kelloe Mains have several needs for heating.

Gas and oil was previously used as fuel, but due to high fuel costs and the British Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) the farm chose to invest in a new biomass plant.

The heat from this is used partly for drying grain and partly for drying down cow slurry.

In addition the farm is also producing electricity by using the hot water from the boiler through an ORC (Organic Ranking Cycle) system. Afterwards the colder water is returned through the boiler and reheated before being used to dry grain and slurry. 

To accomodate Kelloe Mains’ needs, a High Pressure Hot Water system was installed, and the farm is now self-sufficient of heat and electricity.

The plant

Kelloe Mains had a 995 kW Linka H boiler installed at their farm in late 2016. The plant consists of Linka’s new straw system, where heightened sides and a rubber belt are added to the traditional conveyor. Hereby the conveyor can be filled with wood chips, pellets or other granulated fuel. This enables an easy fuel switch, by pushing a single button on the control panel.

An economizer was added to the plant to extract additional heat from the flue gas and increase the overall system efficiency.

The plant is installed with automated ash extraction where the ash is transported from the boiler to an ash container.


Customer: Kelloe Mains Farm
Location: Duns, Scotland
Fuel type: Straw
Plant size: 995 kW
Plant type: High Pressure Hot Water plant
Year: 2016
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