Holmegaard Estate

New Linka straw plant for the estate

On Holmegaard the heat from their Linka straw plant is primarily used for heating their buildings, while part of the heat is used for drying grain. When installed, the plant replaced a 21 year old Linka plant.

The estate is located in Denmark and is run as a traditional estate with focus on agriculture, forestry and property rentals. The estate has around 1,860 ha of fields, forests, swamp and meadows. Before installation of the new plant, the estate used an old Linka boiler from 1993. This was based on “the cigar principal”.

The heat from the plant is primarily used for heating up the estate’s main building, Skovriddersalen (a large hall) and around 10 other properties.

In addition about 25 % of the heat is used for drying grain during the season.

The plant

A 950 kW straw plant was installed at Holmegaard during the autumn of 2014. The system also consists of a Linka shredder, adjusted for the customer’s existing conveyor. The straw is transported from the shredder to the cell sluice by a straw auger.

Soot valves are installed on the boiler which injects air through the boiler’s flue pipes, thus keeping them clean. This means that the flue pipes only need cleaning a few times per year.

Automatic ash removal transports the ash outside the boiler, into an ash container located next to the boiler.


Customer: Holmegaard Estate
Fuel type: Straw
Plant size: 950 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Location: Holmegaard, Denmark
Year: 2014