Frederiksdal Estate

Heating for Denmark’s largest vineyard

A Linka straw plant has been supplying the Danish estate with heat since 2013. The heat is partly used for heating up production facilities where their cherry wine is produced.

Since 1305 Frederiksdal Estate has been part of the Danish history. Frederiksdal is no longer a traditional estate, but Denmark’s largest vineyard. Here they produce Danish cherry wine from their own plantation. In addition to the wine production they also work in agriculture and forestry.

Before installation of the new plant, the estate used an old, manual boiler with a much larger operating need.

The straw plant is primarily used for heating up the main building and several other properties. In addition it is also used for heating up production facilities.

Frederiksdal chose a Linka plant based on Linka's good reputation, our technical solution and recommendations from other customers.

The plant

A 400 kW Linka straw plant has been operating at Frederiksdal since 2013. The boiler is fed from a Linka shredder with a 15 meter conveyor placed in the barn outside the boiler room. The straw is transported from here to the boiler through a closed pipe system. The plant is monitored by the installed PLC control system, with an alarm module for both SMS and internet.

The boiler is designed with automated ash extraction, where the ash is transported to an outside container on wheels.

In addition a 500 kW oil boiler is installed as a backup to the straw system.


Customer: Frederiksdal Estate
Location: Harpelund, Denmark
Fuel type: Straw
Plant size: 400 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Year : 2013