Edward Baarda Ltd.

Green heating for glasshouses

Linka's British partner, Manco Energy, installed two Linka biomass plants for the English vegetable grower, a straw system and a wood chips system. Both deliver heating for their many glasshouses.

Edward Baarda Ltd. is a large vegetable producer located in the eastern part of England, who produces a variety of vegetables. Before installation of a straw plant the heating came from oil, which was used for heating up their glasshouses.

In 2012 Baarda switched to CO2 neutral heating and had a Linka straw plant installed. The switch made it possible to produce cheaper heating, compared to using oil. With the opportunity from the British Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), Baarda chose to get another biomass plant installed in 2016.

The plant

The first plant Manco delivered for Baarda was a 2,500 kW Linka straw plant installed in summer 2012. A Linka TWIN shredder with a 27 meter double conveyor was also installed, and supplies the boiler with straw.

In summer 2016 Linka and Manco delivered another plant for Baarda. This time a wood chips system. The plant consists of a 1,500 kW Linka H boiler, rated for 995 kW.

The wood chips are transported from a 40 m2 walking floor system. Three scrapers move the fuel to a sunken auger before they are transported to the boiler by augers.

A PLC control unit monitors the plant around the clock, and will send out an alarm in case of failure. The control system can be accessed by computer, tablet and smartphone.

By installing an ash removal system the ash is automatically transported from the boiler to a 2,5 m3 ash container.


Customer: Edward Baarda Ltd.
Location: East Yorkshire, England
Fuel type: Straw and wood chips
Plant size: 2,500 & 995 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Year: 2016 + 2012
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