Tversted Heating Plant

Wood pellet system – a good investment

In 2015 Linka installed a wood pellet system at Tversted Heating plant. The switch from gas to a biomass plant has already proven a good investment for the heating plant.

Before installing the new biomass plant, Tversted Heating plant was one of the most expensive heating plants in Denmark, making it difficult to offer customers competitive heating prices. A settlement behind the energy agreement of 2012 enabled Tversted’s switch from gas to biofuel.

At that point, Tversted had already installed solar panels, and the wood pellet plant will therefore be used as a supplement during the cold seasons, ensuring that the area is well-supplied year round.

Since the plant is located within a residential area they were not able to expand the existing buildings. Therefore a wood pellet system, which takes up less place than other plants, was the optimal solution.
To accommodate a possible switch of fuel in the future, the system was prepared for wood chips.

Linka was chosen as the supplier due to a serious, professional and well described offer, along with recommendations from an earlier plant installed at another heating plant.


The plant

Linka installed a 1,000 kW hot water plant designed for a maximum operating pressure of 4 bars. A moveable step grate is installed inside the boiler and prevents development of clinker.

The boiler is fed from the nearby pellet pit, with a scraper unit including seven scrapers. The scrapers move the wood pellets to a sunken auger from where they are transported to the boiler by augers.

An economizer is also installed on the plant. This will extract additional heat from the flue gas and increase the efficiency.

The automatic ash removal system transports the ash outside the boiler to the ash container. The economizer is also attached to the ash system, where larger ash particles are precipitated and discharged to the ash system.


Customer: Tversted Heating Plant
Location: Tversted, Denmark
Fuel type: Wood pellets
Plant size: 1,000 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Energy type: District heating
Year: 2015
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CO concentration



The CO emissions from the plant are well below the environmental demands for 400.




The flue gas is cleaned through the bag filter which ensures a minimal amount of dust.

Payback time

5 yrs

Calculated by Tversted’s consultant while planning the installation of a wood pellet plant.


"In our experience Linka has listened and acted on the challenges we have presented after installation of the wood pellet plant and the pit."

Georg Larsen, Chairman of the Board
Tversted Heating Plant