Ryomgård District Heating

8MW boiler is guaranteeing low emissions and high level of effectiveness


In 2018, Linka was selected as the sole contractor for a new straw-fired heating plant for Ryomgård Fjernvarme in Djursland, Denmark, which will future-proof the heat supply in the region. Linka was the main contractor for setting up the district heating facility’s first biomass plant - a 4 MW straw-fired heating facility - back in 1989. Since 1989, the number of users have risen from 260 to 703, and today total heat production is approx. 19,000 MWh per year.

Over the course of the latest 30 years, the boiler has combusted 119,000 tonnes of straw and produced around 430,000 MWh thermal power. Today, the boiler system runs at maximum capacity during the winter due to the constant increase in users within the supply region.

According to the district heating plant, the long-term collaboration was also significant in the choice of Linka as the sole contractor.

The Plant

A new boiler building with sufficient space for the large 8 MW straw boiler has been set up next to the existing heating facility. A new crane system has been installed in the existing straw storage with space for around 14 days of heat production during winter.

The combustion is done using Linka’s uniquely developed firing system, the straw bale cutter system, which can handle straw of varying qualities and which uses much less energy than a normal shredding system.

For higher fuel flexibility a walking floor system allows Ryomgård District Heating to supplement its supply with wood chips whenever the straw prices are rising.
The optimised control system ensures that the system does not run into problems when it comes to complying with requirements for emissions. The system also includes an effective flue gas system, complete with multi-cyclone and bag filter and an a fully automatic ash system.


Costumer: Ryomgård District Heating
Location: Ryomgård, Denmark
Fuel: Straw
Size: 8 MW
Plant type: Hot water
Energy type: District heating
Year: 2018
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Effectiveness up to

93,8 %

Test measurements during the operational testing phase showed effectiveness levels of up to 93.8%.

Electricity consumption per mWh



Operation of a fuel feeding system using a hydraulic pusher contributes significantly to the low electricity consumption of just over 6 kWh per mWh of heat produced.



"Another reason we chose Linka is that our own “old” system had worked for nearly 29 years without any major challenges."

Jan Helbo
Ryomgård Fjernvarmeværk