Rødbyhavn District Heating

CO2-neutral heating since 1988

Since 2007 Linka has delivered two 5,500 kW boiler lines for the district heating plant at Lolland. The plant uses straw for heating.

Rodbyhavn District Heating supplies the consumers in Rodbyhavn on Lolland, in the southern part of Denmark. The heating plant was established in 1988 with a 4,000 kW straw boiler. Two years later the plant was expanded with a 3,000 kW straw boiler. Both boilers were delivered by Linka.

In 2007 Linka was tasked with replacing the oldest boiler with a new 5,500 kW straw boiler, to accommodate the area’s increased heating demand. Linka delivered a complete boiler line from storage to ash system.

When the other boiler needed replacing in 2011 Linka was once again chosen as the supplier. This makes Linka the supplier for all boiler lines since the heating plant was established.

Today Rodbyhavn District Heating supplies 665 consumers in the area and they produce up to 38,000 MWh per year.

The plant

Both boiler lines consist of a 5,500 kW GVB boiler designed for straw combustion. The installed crane picks up a straw bale in the storage and drops it in the safety box, also placed in the storage. The bale is hydraulically moved into the straw cutter and are here sliced before being transported into the boiler for combustion.

An ash system is installed on both boilers, where the ash is automatically transported from the boiler to an ash container. The boiler lines are also equipped with a flue gas system with cyclone, filter and chimney.


Customer: Rodbyhavn District Heating
Location: Rodbyhavn, Denmark
Fuel type: Straw
Plant size: 2 x 5,500 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Energy type: District heating
Year: 2007
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CO concentration



CO emission from the plant is well below the limit value of 625 mg/Nm3.

Dust particles



There is very little dust from the plant,
compared to the limit of 40 mg/Nm3.