Ornhoj-Gronbjerg District Heating Plant

New straw plant replaces the use of gas

In 2017 Linka delivered a new straw system for the heating plant in Ornhoj-Gronbjerg. This will replace the use of gas with CO2 neutral biomass.

Ornhoj-Gronbjerg Heating Plant had a Linka biomass plant installed in the summer of 2017. The Danish heating plant supplies heat for almost 500 consumers in the area.

The biomass plant was installed as a supplement to the existing solar panels, which cannot supply enough heat during winter seasons. Biomass will fuel 70 % of the heat production while solar heating will supply around 20 %. The remaining 10 % will be produced using gas.

A 2,500 m3 storage facility will store 600 straw bales, equivalent to 25 days of heat production. The plant is expected to use around 4,000 bales every year.

The plant

Linka delivered and commissioned a complete boiler system with a 1,500 kW Linka H boiler designed for straw combustion. The two extra passes, in the 5-pass boiler, ensures higher efficiencies and savings on the fuel.

A Linka double shredder is installed in the straw storage. The 30 meter double conveyor can hold 30 bales, and only needs refilling every other day.

The automatic ash system transports the ash from the boiler to an ash room. This room will store a large amount of ash for a long period of time, compared to an ash container.

By installing a bag filter the flue gases are cleaned, thus reducing dust from the plant and ensuring better values on emission.

In addition, Linka was responsible for conducting environmental tests after commissioning the plant.


Customer: Ornhoj-Gronbjerg District Heating Plant
Location: Ornhoj, Denmark
Fuel type: Straw
Plant size: 1,500 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Energy type: District heating
Year: 2017
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