Lolland Heating

Complete boiler line for large heating plant

In 2013 Linka installed a complete boiler line at the straw plant in Nakskov. The boiler line is part of the plant’s overall supply of Nakskov on Lolland.

Lolland Heating operates two heating plants in Nakskov, one of which is a straw plant. Together they supply around 4,400 consumers with 100 % CO2 neutral heat.

The straw plant was established in 2010 with two 8,000 kW boilers, with the possibility to expand further with another 5,000 kW. In 2013 Linka was tasked with completing this expansion. In the meantime, the size of the boiler line had been changed to 6,500 kW.

Linka was the supplier of a complete boiler line with everything from safety box in the straw storage to a straw cutter, boiler, ash extraction system and flue gas system. In addition we were tasked with adjusting the two existing boilers. Since the existing straw crane was reused it was reprogrammed for a third drop point, which will feed the new boiler line with straw.

The plant

The new boiler line consists of a 6,500 kW Linka GVB boiler designed for a maximum operating pressure of 6 bars. The 5-pass boiler is designed for a more efficient use of the heat, which ensures higher efficiencies and a larger saving on straw.

A straw crane delivers the bale in a safety box in the storage. The bale is then moved into the straw cutter where it is sliced, before being transported to the boiler for combustion. An advantage to this method is the possibility to handle straw of varying quality.

The automatic ash removal system transports the ash from the boiler to an ash pit through augers.


Customer: Lolland Heating
Location: Nakskov, Denmark
Fuel type: Straw
Plant size: 6,500 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Energy type: District heating
Year: 2013
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CO concentration



CO emission is well below the environmental demands of max. 625 mg/Nm3.

Dust particles



Dust from the plant is very limited compared to the demanded limit of 40 mg/Nm3.