Boulstrup-Hou Heating Plant

CO2-neutral heat from local straw

In 2016 Boulstrup-Hou Heating Plant needed to expand their capacity, and once again Linka was chosen as the turnkey supplier of the new straw plant.

The Danish heating plant has been delivering heat for the entire Boulstrup-Hou area for more than 20 years. Since 2009 the heat has been supplied by a Linka straw plant. The heating plant has more than 650 consumers attached including some large consumers.

In 2009 Linka delivered a 950 kW straw plant for Boulstrup-Hou, which could now offer their users CO2 neutral heat.

Boulstrup-Hou needed to replace their existing straw plant with a new, larger plant in 2016, so they could double their capacity.
The heating plant had their older straw shredder replaced in 2013, with a larger TWIN shredder with a 24 meter double conveyor. These were adjusted for the new plant in 2016, so they could be reused. The straw is still being supplied by local suppliers.

As a turnkey contractor Linka was responsible for delivering a new biomass plant along with building a new boiler room and converting their existing building to the new, larger plant.

The plant

The new straw plant in Boulstrup-Hou consists of a 2,000 kW Linka H boiler designed for a maximum operating pressure of 6 bars. With a built-in step grate and Linka’s patented combustion technology, a complete burnout of the straw is ensured. A bag filter is also installed, where the flue gas is cleaned to reduce dust from the plant.

A high automation is achieved by adding an automatic string remover onto the existing conveyor. Earlier the conveyor was filled manually twice a day, but in June 2017 Linka installed a straw crane, which will fill the conveyor automatically and hereby reduce the operational need.

In addition an external ash container is placed outside the building. The ash is automatically transported from the boiler to the container.


Customer: Boulstrup-Hou Heating Plant
Location: Boulstrup, Denmark
Fuel type: Straw
Plant size: 2,000 kW
Plant type: Hot water plant
Energy type: District heating
Year: 2016
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Efficiencies up to

95.9 %

Based on boiler tests made by the Danish Technological Institute.