Here you have an overview of some of the more than 3,500 biomass plants Linka has created through close collaborations worldwide.

District heating

Sønderborg Forsyning

In 2020, Sønderborg Forsyning has taken a new straw-fired heating plant into use and initiated the process of closing the six gas-fired heating plants it replaces.

Lendemarke District Heating

In 2019, Lendemarke Fjernvarme has invested in a new biomass plant which sends sustainable district heating out to approx. 350 households.

Ryomgård District Heating

In 2019, Lendemarke Fjernvarme has invested in a new biomass plant which sends sustainable district heating out to approx. 350 households.

Ornhoj-Gronbjerg Heating Plant

In 2017 Linka delivered a new straw system for the heating plant in Ornhoj-Gronbjerg. This will replace the use of natural gas with CO2 neutral biomass.

Vaarst-Fjellerad Heating Plant

In late 2016 Linka installed a wood chips plant for Vaarst-Fjellerad Heating plant, equipped with a crane system.

Hjallerup District Heating

Hjallerup Fjernvarme wanted a biomass plant in addition to the use of solar heat. The choice fell on a Linka straw plant, which has already reduced district heating prices in the area.

Boulstrup-Hou Heating

In 2016 Boulstrup-Hou needed to expand their capacity, and once again Linka was chosen as the turnkey supplier of the new straw plant.

Osterild District Heating

In the autumn of 2016 Linka delivered a new boiler system for Osterild District Heating, who achieved large savings on fuel costs.

Tversted Heating Plant

In 2015 Linka installed a wood pellet system at Tversted Heating plant. As one of the most expensive heating plants in Denmark, the switch biomass has already proven a good investment.

Aneby AMAQ

Linka installed a large, mobile heating plant for the Swedish municipality, that has already produced significant savings on heating prices.

Lolland Heating

In 2013 Linka installed a boiler line at the straw plant in Nakskov. The boiler line is part of the plant’s overall supply of Nakskov.

St. Merløse Heating Plant

The turnkey straw plant in St. Merløse has ensured large savings on straw and contributed to a reduction in CO2 emission.

Rodbyhavn District Heating

Since 2007 Linka has delivered two 5,500 kW boiler lines for the district heating plant at Lolland. The plant uses straw for heating.

Farms and estates

Easter Grangemuir Farm

In spring 2017 Manco and Linka Energy installed a new biomass plant for the Scottish strawberry farm.

Langrigg Hall

Since 2014 Linka has delivered two biomass plants for Langrigg Hall, and a third plant is being installed in early 2017.

Kelloe Mains Farm

Kelloe Mains Farm is one of the first to use Linka’s new system, which ensures an easy switch from straw to wood chips.

Edward Baarda Ltd.

Linka's British partner, Manco Energy, installed two Linka biomass plants for the English vegetable grower.

Manor Farm

Since Manco Energy installed a Linka straw plant at Manor Farm, the CO2 neutral heating has reduced their carbon footprint.

Orupgaard Estate

In the autumn of 2016 Linka delivered a biomass plant for Orupgaard Gods on Falster. The plant ensures a constant access to heat which is partly used for heating their poultry sheds.

Glen Avon Growers

With two new systems, the English vegetable producer can heat up their glasshouses with cheap, Co2 neutral biofuel.

Slättäng Estate

Linka installed a combined wood chips and straw plant for the Slättäng, which supplies the estate with heat from renewable energy.

Holmegaard Estate

On Holmegaard the heat from their Linka straw plant is primarily used for drying grain. When installed the plant replaced an old Linka plant.

Vennerslund Estate

In 2014 Linka installed a biomass plant at Vennerslund Estate. Since then it has reduced the estate's use of straw by 1/3, while their heat consumption has increased by around 33 %.

Frederiksdal Estate

A Linka straw plant has been supplying the estate with heat since 2013. The heat is partly used for heating up production facilities.

Spannarps Manor

The Swedish manor Spannarps uses the heat from their Linka plant to heat up the poultry shed, in addition to its properties.

Björnstorp & Svenstorps Estates

The two Swedish estates uses combined combustion with both straw and wood chips.


Adven - Valio

Large dairy to be supplied with sustainable steam in the future.


Sustainable heating of chicken barns with your own straw as fuel.


In 2020, Linka Energy built a sustainable steam plant for a laundry that washes and supplies tons of textiles daily.


In 2020, Mosegård has invested in a new sustainable biomass plant for heating 6 chicken houses.

Danish Agro

In 2018, Linka has built a biomass-fired steam plant that saves the environment tons of CO₂ and contributes to a significant financial saving for the Group.

Hornsyld Kobmandsgaard

During the summer of 2017 Linka delivered a new biomass plant for Hornsyld Kobmandsgaard, designed for burning waste from grain.

Lahaugmoen Business Park

In April 2017 Linka commissioned a large mobile heating plant in a newly developed industrial area in Norway.

Yester Farm Dairies

In 2017 our British partner, Manco Energy, installed a steam plant at a dairy in Scotland. The dairy is now producing steam from CO₂ neutral biomass.

The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency

Since 2015 Camp Skjold has used heating from biomass, while the latest plant in Bardufoss will be finished in the spring of 2017.

Danspin: Sindi Lanka

The Estonian factory uses the steam from a Linka wood pellet plant in the process of dyeing yarn.

Tine Meieriet Elnesvaagen

Linka Energy installed a 3,000 kW steam plant along with our Norwegian partner, Bioenergy, that supplies TINE’s local dairy in Elnesvaagen.

The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency

During 2013 Linka delivered three mobile plants, for the Norwegian Defence, which are installed on three of their bases in Norway.

Fugleaasen Business Park

In 2012 Linka Energy installed a mobile plant for Fugleaasen Business Park, which supplies the large area with CO2 neutral heating.