Stone separator

Conversion kit that removes unwanted stones from the straw

Conversion Kit

When straw is baled, it is difficult to avoid stones in the bales. These stones can result in unplanned stoppages of the  boiler system and an increase in the frequent cleaning of the combustion system. By installing this stone separator, you will experience an increase in the smoothness and safe operation of your straw fired boiler system.


The stone separator can be installed on plants where the straw is transported pneumatically.

Product specifications

Size: Available in sizes Ø150 mm and Ø200 mm
Connection: Works without any electricity, uses physics to operate
Dimension: Fits with most knees delivered on Linka boiler systems with air distribution feeding of straw

Easy to install – do it yourself

To install the stone separator, a small part of the existing pipe is removed and the new stone separator part can then be fitted. This change is a relatively easy procedure operation, which in most cases can be done by yourself – included with the stone separator is an installation guide with step-by step pictures showing you how to install the stone separator.

In case of any doubt or uncertainty, Linka’s skilled service department are available.


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