For heating buildings and process industries where high temperatures or pressures are needed, e.g. in the food industry and laundry.

Here are various solutions for reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly heating. 

Straw: 250 - 5.000 kW

Linka’s mobile plant is a complete, turnkey heating plant placed in containers. The straw shredder and conveyor is placed outside the main container.

Wood chips: 250 - 5.000 kW

Linka’s mobile, turnkey wood chips plant is delivered in container, with a fuel container including a scraper unit and automatic fuel transport.

Wood pellets: 250 - 5.000 KW

The mobile wood pellet plant is delivered as a turnkey plant in container. Here a silo is typically used for storage and transportation of the fuel.

Straw: 400 - 15.000 kW

Linka’s straw system is here adjusted for producing steam. The result is a complete burnout of the straw.

Wood chips: 400 - 15.000 kW

Linka’s fully automated wood chips system is here adjusted for producing steam. The efficient combustion still ensures a complete burnout of the wood chips.

Wood pellets: 400 - 15.000 kW

The wood pellet system is here adjusted for producing steam, which makes it highly usable for process industry and likewise.

Other types and sizes

Linka can also adjust our systems for other fuel types than the conventional types, e.g. grass seed, straw briquettes, corncobs and cherry stones.

Want to know more about your options?

Our qualified staff are ready to advise and guide you to the best energy solution based on your unique needs.

Claus Mikael Larsen
Project sales