Agriculture and estates

For heating of housing, stables, industrial premises etc. Here are various solutions for reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly heating. There are both hot water systems and steam plants, which all are adapted to each customers needs. The systems will be developed to the type of fuels that are available in the immediate area or the waste product by the customer itself.

Below are examples of plants that we have we have produced and built for our customers in agriculture and estates.

Straw: 250 - 15.000 kW

Linka's fully automated straw plant is delivered with straw shredder and conveyor, customized according to boiler size and the customer's needs.

Wood chips: 250 - 15.000 kW

Linka’s chips system consists of a scraper unit, which supplies a constant feed of the pre-set amount of wood chips.

Wood chips: 1000 - 15.000 kW

A wood chips based heating plant is also developed after the customer's needs, etc. Smaller systems usually consist of a scraper unit while larger plants use a crane.

Other types and sizes

Linka can also adjust our systems for other fuel types than the conventional types, e.g. grass seed, straw briquettes, corncobs and cherry stones.

Want to know more about your options?

Our qualified staff are ready to advise and guide you to the best energy solution based on your unique needs.

Lars Visgaard Jørgensen
Business development & Installation manager