Halfway through 2021

The first half of a very unpredictable year has passed, and we look back on a few months where there has gradually been more momentum in the Sales Department. At the time of writing, we have not been to any trade fairs this year, but our sales team has started visiting customers and potential customers both at home and abroad. When we visit a customer who already has a Linka plant, it can be to optimise or upgrade the existing plant because why discard something that works if it can be upgraded for new needs?

If you want to hear more about your options for optimisation or upgrading, please do not hesitate to contact Bjarne Løvbjerg or Claus M. Larsen.

Trade fairs

Finally, the doors to trade fairs are slightly ajar. At the end of June, we will participate in a trade fair in France where our sales team will be ready to talk about the benefits of investing in a plant from the Linka Group. The salespeople are looking forward to getting away from their desks and out to where the customers are.

In September, we are attending a waste trade fair in Birmingham, RWM. We have a stand that focuses on “energy from waste”. Jernforsen’s plant is designed to use different types of waste in the boiler. It can be RDF (Refuse-derived fuel), SRF (Solid recycled fuel), RT chips (recycled wood) and other waste wood from sawmills or other types of wood production.

The summer’s agricultural shows in Denmark have unfortunately been cancelled. The same is true of Agromek, which has been postponed until the autumn of 2022. Nevertheless, we aim to participate in more of the Danish agricultural shows next year.
We will also be at Trä & Teknik next year, which is a trade fair in Sweden.

2 stars for Agromek Stars

We have been working on the stone trap for a long time, which can sort out unwanted stones in the straw plant. We submitted the product for Agromek Stars Special Edition 2021, and it was given 2 out of 3 stars, and we are incredibly proud of this award!

Read more about the stone trap here.

When Weiss moved to Lem

On 1 April, our colleagues at Weiss moved everything from Hadsund to Nylandsvej 38 in Lem. That meant a few new faces at the office. At the same time, it also meant that two spare parts warehouses were merged into one, making it easier and faster for us to send components and spare parts out to our customers.

Selected projects


We are just putting the finishing touches on the new district heating plant in Tønder before it is handed over to Tønder Fjernvarme. It is a sustainable biomass plant built in collaboration with Jernforsen.

The plant consists of a wood chip section with a 3.75 MW capacity. In the future, 2,790 households will enjoy sustainable heat in their radiators. Compared to the previously gas-fired plant, Tønder Fjernvarme will annually reduce their CO2 emissions by approx. 4,100 tonnes.


Egtved Varmeværk has chosen to build an entirely new district heating plant where Linka is the machine contractor for a combination plant. The work started about a year ago and is nearing completion.

The combination plant consists of a biomass boiler and heat pump. The biomass boiler uses wood chips and straw as the primary fuels, but other biomass products can also be used. The heating plant already had a photovoltaic system, which has now been connected to the biomass boiler and heat pump. It provides ultra-high security of supply and flexibility, as the heating plant can use the boiler when biomass is cheapest, while they can use the heat pump when electricity is cheapest, and finally the photovoltaic system on good sunny days.

It is sustainability and security of supply in its purest form!

Other projects

In addition to the two projects, we are working on a heating plant on a turkey farm in Norway, a plant in England that will produce heat for cucumber and tomato production and other projects in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.

News from the organisation

Two project managers chose to seek new challenges during the spring, which meant that Kasper Juul Vestergård joined the team. Kasper has previously worked with energy calculations and as a project manager.
We have recently appointed Anton Døhr Jensen as the working foreman, and together with our supervisor, he will coordinate production.

Linka’s founder, Erling Jensen, has chosen to retire. Therefore, he will no longer be active in the company. Erling founded Lin-Ka Maskinfabrik back in 1978, and since then, the company has developed from producing straw plants for agriculture to also producing large biomass plants for district heating plants and various industrial companies. We wish Erling all the best in his well-deserved retirement!

Summer holidays

From Monday 12 July to Sunday 25 July (weeks 29 and 30), most of us are on summer holiday, but the service phone is, of course, open for urgent enquiries. Call +45 9734 1655.

We wish all our customers, suppliers and partners a fantastic summer!