Linka Group upgrades Swedish wood giant

The Danish Linka Group has through the company Jernforsen upgraded wood producer on sustainable energy: 100% heating with waste!

The sustainable Swedish wood producer Vida AB now only uses waste derived from production to heat both sawmills and drying ovens in Nössemark in Sweden. The upgrade has taken place in close collaboration with Jernforsen, a part of Linka Group, which has provided advice, boiler and optimized the existing installation.

The energy plant of the future

On the border between Sweden and Norway is the village Nössemark. The wood manufacturer Vida is not only a large workplace for the area, but now also a beacon for sustainability due to the establishment of what Linka Group calls the energy plant of the future. The city's sawmill has been transferred to heat the entire production - from premises to the drying oven - with the wood chips and bark that is left over from the production. This is not an easy task because the material contains up to 60% moisture. But the plant already shows good effect.

“It is stable, simple and reliable. For us, the most important thing has been to keep the schedule and get the facility we need. That is why we chose Jernforsen again and have received really good support when there have been challenges with managing the system,” says Jonas Axelsson, Technical Manager at Vida.

The boiler for the new plant is 5 MW and optimized to handle efficient combustion of the moist biomass. The entire plant has been developed and delivered by Jernforsen, which is a part of the Danish Linka Group. In addition, the existing silo for bark and wood chips has been renovated, modernized and connected to the new boiler. At the same time, a new boiler house was built for the new system, which Vida knows well from other sawmills.

10 out of 12 plants with Danish ancestry

Linka Group has also previously left its mark on the wood producer. Today, Vida has boilers from Jernforsen at 10 of its 12 Swedish sawmills. They are designed to utilize waste from production and yields between 8 and 10 MW heat. Jernforsen's technology makes it easy for the sawmills to get the energy out of wet bark and wood chips without significant dust or emissions.

“For sawmills, it is important to be able to make the best possible use of their waste products. That is why we have done a lot to optimize and automate this type of plant, which runs stably in even the harsh environment on the border to Norway. Economically attractive energy plants with a focus on return on investment are not only a hit in Denmark,” says Linka Group.

Linka Group is one of the world leaders in optimizing and developing climate-friendly energy plants based on biomass and waste fuels. With the solution from Jernforsen, VIDA will reduce its CO2 emissions and at the same time ensure operational reliability via full operational support.


  Requirements Measured values
Dust <30 mg/Nm3 20 mg/Nm3
CO <150 mg/MJ 25 mg/MJ
NOx <100 mg/MJ 65 mg/MJ


5 MW


Bark and wood chips

(40-60 % moisture)