Linka Energy is growing

On 1 April 2021, two of the companies in the Linka Group moved together. Weiss have up sticks in Hadsund and moved in with Linka Energy at their address in Lem in West Jutland, Denmark.

For almost a year and a half, Weiss has been part of the Linka Group, which consists of two additional companies: Linka Energy and Swedish Jernforsen. With Weiss moving to Lem, the collaboration and synergy will be greater, as the distance between the employees will be shorter. “We are confident that the move will be both an advantage for the employees of both companies, but also a huge advantage for our customers because we can more easily share our knowledge and our experiences with each other,” says Kenneth Iversen, CEO of Weiss.

There is plenty of space on the plot in Lem, so it will not be a problem to find desk spaces for the new colleagues. “We look forward to being able to utilise the synergy and create an even closer collaboration,” says Thomas Gaardbo, CEO of Linka Energy.

The whole world as a workplace

Weiss is primarily a service company where many of the employees work out at the plants with the customers and therefore spend many hours on the road, which means that only the employees in the office have been physically moved to Lem. Many of these employees have been given longer hours at work but have also been given the option of working more days from home.

The service employees service plants throughout Denmark, in fact, throughout the world. Therefore, the physical location does not matter much to them because they often drive directly from home to the plants or stay overnight nearby.

Two spare parts warehouses under one roof

Weiss had its own spare parts warehouse in Hadsund that has now also moved to Lem, which means that the warehouse with components and other bits and pieces has grown. Therefore, it has been necessary to reorganise the staff and warehouse buildings, which is an advantage for customers that the spare parts are now under one roof because delivery time will be quicker.

Both companies continue as independent companies with Kenneth Iversen as CEO of Weiss and Thomas Gaardbo as CEO of Linka Energy.