Sustainable combination plant

The citizens of Egtved can look forward to a greener and cheaper heat source in the future. For the first time in Linka's history, a 100% digital contract was negotiated and signed. As a machine contractor, Linka will supply a combination plant consisting of a 2 MW biomass plant and a 2.1 MW heat pump plant. “Both we and the Egtved Heat Plant are focusing on the UN's 7th global goal on sustainable energy. Therefore, we can also proudly announce that this plant will deliver 100% CO2 neutral heat” says Thomas Gaardbo, CEO at Linka Energy.

The investment in the new plant is made based on many years of thorough consideration of various solutions. The decision on a biomass plant was taken when it became clear that such a biomass plant with a heat pump, it is best and most robust of the utility and that solution that gives consumers the greatest savings on heating costs.

The combination plant can use wood chips and straw as primary fuel, but other biomass-based waste products such as grain and seed shells can also be used. This ensures a high freedom of fuel and is essential in terms of security of supply compared to using only one type of fuel. At the same time, flexibility is ensured as the fuel can be purchased locally.

Thoughts about the project actually started way back in 2009 but it was not until 2018 that a new heating solution was started. “With some help from the Danish District Heating Project Company (DFP), we chose Linka Energy because we get a fuel flexibility not seen at any other plant” says Leif O. Rasmussen, operations manager, Egtved Heating

In addition to the financial savings of approx. EUR 400 per year per customer, the new biomass plant will result in an annual reduction of CO2 emissions of approx. 14,000 tons. It was important for us to get a future-proof heating plant with the highest possible environmental profile and not just a plant to burn off wood chips”, says Anders Rønshof, chairman of the Egtved Heating.
Construction of the facility is expected to start in June 2020 and to be in operation at the beginning of the 2021st.

Combined heating plant
The biomass plant consists of a Linka H boiler intended for burning of straw, wood chips, and other dry fuels. At the end of the combustion chamber of the boiler, a moveable stepped grate is located, which is moved by means of hydraulic cylinders. Here, combustion air is supplied in a co-flow principle, which is Linka’s world patented system. This is the main reason why the solution is extremely efficient and emissions are kept down.

The heat pump included in the system is a complete solution that can absorb energy from outdoor air and water. The complete heat pump system is designed so that when heating in 3 steps, high efficiency is achieved both during full load and reduced operation. The compressors and the cooling circuit are simple and very compact, providing long service life and very low operating costs.

The heat pump consists of 3 compressor modules. Thus, the heating of water runs in 2 steps through one 1-stage heat pump compressor and one 2-stage compressor module.
The compressor modules are extremely simple with screw compressor and injection valve as the only moving parts of the cooling/heating circuit.

The fully automatic state-of-the-art heating plant is dimensioned to ensure a stable operation focusing on ease of use and good working environment for the operators.
The operating requirements are minimal and the system can even be monitored via remote access, which means that consumers are always guaranteed access to heat.

Photo: Vejle Kommune