District heating plants are stepping up with Linka Group operational support for their biomass facility

Several Danish district heating plants are choosing Linka Group operational support for their biomass plants. Weiss, part of Linka Group, provides technical support 24-7 and is experiencing an increase in sales of support concepts. Performance evaluation and securing of budgets at the Danish plants is more important now than ever before.

Lack of adequate and correct maintenance on the biomass plants can give district heating plants serious operational problems and unexpected costs. Ølgod Fjernvarme, a district heating plant in Western Jutland, is aware of this. After a turbulent time with inadequate operating support, they have now secured their future operations.

In 2006, Ølgod Fjernvarme invested in a Weiss biomass plant, but chose to purchase operational support from another service provider. It turned out to be a bad decision. After some time, the plant had operational problems and in 2017, Ølgod Fjernvarme sought advice from Weiss, part of Linka Group.

Strategic spare parts

"There were some errors that Weiss should remedy after another service provider. It is crucial that the biomass plants are properly maintained and that requires special know-how and technical competence. We entered into an agreement on permanent operational support and delivery of strategic spare parts, so that we can ensure that the plant in Ølgod in the future receives the necessary technical support - a concept we are experiencing significantly increased interest in ", says Kenneth Iversen, CEO of Weiss.

Every year, Ølgod Fjernvarme receives a service report from Weiss, which forms an overview of the service performed and the condition of the plant. The service telephone is open 24 hours a day, all year round and the technical support of the plant is based on a broad field of competence, because Weiss has experience of all the elements in the plant.

The right technical operational support is of crucial importance for the operation of a biomass plant and the need for a controlled operating facility is everyday business for the Linka Group, which is responsible for the establishment of the biomass plants worldwide.

“As supplier of the plant, Weiss can easily and quickly identify all components and provide the necessary technical advice. Precise synergies between the establishment, operation and maintenance of biomass plants are the reason why we have brought together the companies Linka Energy, Jernforsen and Weiss in the same group. In this way, we can ensure a 360-degree total solution that not only ensures the choice of the right system, but also secures the operation in the future and provides full financial control of the heating plants”, says Thomas Gaardbo, CEO of Linka Group.

Weiss, which is conducting operational support and servicing of the biomass plants in Linka Group, has a large spare parts and component warehouse in Jutland, from where they supply spare parts on a day-to-day basis.