Stone separator has received stars

With an extremely simple system, we has a solution to avoid stones entering a straw-fired boiler system.

This stone separator clears automatically and does not require power. The stone separator is purely mechanical and functions with the aid of a flap and lever principle in combination with vacuum in the conveyor pipe. When stones strike the flap, it opens and the stones fall out and then the flap closes automatically.

The Linka stone trap is classified as a two star New Product in Agromek Stars Special Edition 2021.

The stone separator helps the farmers

When straw is pressed in the field, it is difficult to avoid stones in the bales. Such stones can cause undesirable suspension of the straw-fired boiler system and ensuing alarms which demand swift attention. Installation of this stone trap can therefore ensure continuous operation.

The Linka stone separator can be installed on boiler systems in which the straw transport is pneumatic. The stone separator is installed by removing a small section of the conveyor pipe. The new section is then easily fitted by applying the accompanying instructions.


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