The year that passed at Linka Energy

2020 has come to an end - and what a year! For Linka, it has been a year of new projects and hard work for the sales department, as all fairs and animal shows have been canceled.

We have spent more time at the office or working from home due to the cancelled fairs. Time, that we really would have liked to have spent meeting all of you. We hope we will be facing more normal conditions during 2021, so we can meet all of you out there - and of course also show our products.

New product

We are always trying to develop our existing products as well as develop brand new products. This year, among other things, it has resulted in a stone separator. The stone separator can be mounted on all straw systems where the straw is transported pneumatically. See how the stone separator works and read more here.

Linka Group

At the end of 2019 Weiss joined the Linka Group as the third addition, after Swedish Jernforsen Energy in 2018. Throughout the year we have worked to strengthen the relationship between the three companies and make each company stronger. The synergies between the companies have become stronger, but because of the Corona virus we have not yet met all our new colleagues. We look forward to that in 2021.

Selected projects - development


In the easternmost part of Denmark, we have delivered a new boiler project to Stege District Heating on Møn. The plant is an 8 MW straw plant which will supply sustainable heat from locally grown straw which is used to produce heat to local customers. At the end of September, the boiler was lit up for the first time and we expect to make a final delivery to the customer in the beginning of 2021.


From eastern Denmark to southern Denmark. We have completed our project in Nordals, north of Soenderborg. Another turn-key heating plant that already provides sustainable district heating to consumers in the area. The 10MW fully automated straw plant is equipped with Linka's patented combustion technology and the plant's operating performance not only ensures cheap heat for the citizens, it also cuts 350,000 tons of CO2 emissions. Thus, Sønderborg Forsyning has come closer to the goal of replacing individual heating based on fossil fuels with non-fossil sustainable heating.


In Egtved, we are building a combination plant which consists of both a biomass boiler and a heat pump. The advantage of this plant is that the fuel flexibility is extremely high, as it is possible to switch between the biomass boiler and a heat pump, and the combination with the existing solar heating system ensures the citizens of Egtved low prices and future security.

“In addition to the financial savings of approx. DKK 3,000 per year per customer, the new combi system will result in an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of approx. 14,000 tons. "It was important for us to have a future-proof heating plant with the highest possible environmental profile and not just a boiler to burn wood chips" says Anders Rønshof, chairman of Egtved Varmeværk.


In Helsinki, we have fired up the boiler plant to produce steam, which will supply a juice factory with process steam for their production. The advantage of the specific mobile facility is the preconstructed nature of the plant and the very compact footprint this construction type offers.

In addition to the projects described, we are working on a new district heating plant in Tønder, on completing a project in Slagelse and more projects in Sweden, Norway, Ireland and the USA.

News from the organization

In June we had two apprentices who passed their apprenticeship test. That meant we got room for a new apprentice. We hired Troels who dreams of becoming a blacksmith. In addition to Troels, we have two other blacksmith apprentices who provide good dynamics in the workflow in production.

In the management, we have said goodbye to Lars Gravgaard, who has worked as operations director for the past few years. Lars has chosen to seek new challenges outside the organization; We are grateful for the efforts Lars has delivered during the last couple of years.

We would like to thank all our customers, suppliers and partners for a good collaboration in the past year. We look forward to an exciting, yet still unpredictable 2021.

Linka Energy wishes all readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!